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So-Facile®  is a privately owned Canadian Corporation located in the heart of the fashion industry in Montreal, QC., Canada.  We are an Importer/Manufacturere and Wholesale Distributor.

Our goal is to bring to our customers useful products of real value by sourcing from the most efficient factories around the world.  We ship within 48 hours and we have an excellent fill rate. Our customers can depend on us.  We pride ourselves in our product selection bringing you numerous styles, sizes and a vast array of colours.  Our selections were inspired by you, our customers and for this, we thank you all. Our 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation customers who  gave us  and continue to give us encouragement, their friendship and above all, their continued support, we  thank you.

There are many new and exciting products in this website.  Check with us  often since we contintue to add new products on a weekly basis . We also have many illustrations and suggestions  to help you with all your decorating and special events projects.